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  • Unlimited forms
  • 1000 Submissions
  • File Upload
  • Invite Team Members
  • SSL Encryption



  • Unlimited forms
  • 100,000 Submissions
  • File Upload
  • Invite Team Members
  • SSL Encryption

Enterprise Plan

Need more submissions or extended features for commercial usage? Contact us for special pricing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone access my forms and my submission datas?

Your forms and form submission datas are only accessible by authorized users on your account and user accounts invited to your forms.

Can I cancel my premium plan anytime?

Yes! There are no bounds. It’s easy to downgrade your account back to the free plan. You will still be able to use Getform, however you won't have access to any premium account features.

Is 1000 submissions count of free plan for one time or reset every month?

Yes! 1000 submissions count of free account is for one time and doesn't reset every month.

What if I need more form processing than the premium plan offers?

Please contact us immediately ! We will be very happy to create a custom plan to meet your needs.

How can I get the submission datas collected by my form?

We store each form submission for viewing via our web application, and offer a download in the .xls format that be opened using most major spreadsheet programs including Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, and Google Docs.

How can I upgrade my account to premium?

To upgrade your account you just pay 4$/month and when you decide to keep using Getform after a month, you have to do renewal for every month. But we also give you another 2 payment options for longer term memberships and if you choose one of them you will pay the related amount for the time frame you choose.